Original Poetry

She doesn't really know what it feels like to be completely open with anyone...

She wonders what it's like to give another being her full trust

She has never experienced what it's like to be safe

Meanwhile, throughout all her lives she has had to take up arms against those who wish to bring her harm

She feels no fear

Tactical nature

My premonitions come true;  I exist in the Aether; Seeker  of understanding;

this Cycle: my teacher.

My features 
and my functions --
all in conjunction..
Laser focus 
from my locus
when I spoke it 

Internal turmoil rages

Storms surge in my soul

Nature soothes my savage spirit

Its many virtues, I extol

No longer reactive

Is it apathy?

...Or non-attachment?

Have I unhinged?

...Or transcended?

To what end have I adapted?

Disassociation my vacation

Social conventions beome upended

Choices in different voices

Reality suspended

Everything overwhelms

All my senses are offended

But still somehow I carry on

And I'll remain

'til trauma's mended...


© 2020 Jet Plane Jane

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