Jet Plane Jane is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, visual artist, and college graduate from the Philadelphia area who has been making music from the moment she discovered her voice in infancy.

Growing up below the poverty line as the eldest of three siblings, "Jay" experienced a challenging childhood, and her adolescence was a tumultuous time in which she spent many years in the juvenile justice system and was constantly remanded to various placement facilities. The young artist always felt immense pressure to provide for herself and others financially, but also possessed an extremely strong love of the creative and performing arts. She challenged herself to find a balance; to transition out of the streets and find a way to make money doing what she loved. 


Jay recollects that her maternal grandmother recognized her musical gifts early on and paid for a trial period of piano lessons in grade school. A powerful, distinctive, and melodic voice with enviable range and full of soul always earned Jay a solo in every chorus concert in which she participated. This rising star's vocalistic gift became one of her most sought-after and revered talents - in school, at the studio, and in the streets. 


In her early teens, Jay became self-taught in the art of tattooing, designed hand-painted clothing for her peers, performed musically in multiple talent showcases for prizes, appeared in commercials for local businesses, and was featured in a series of rap DVDs and mixtape compilations. Inspiration is constant, and Jay has always taken pride in the authenticity of her art.


Acting opportunities were soon to follow, and Jay was a stand-out in every scholastic production in which she had a part. Her silver screen film debut happened to be a starring role in a feature-length independent film in 2011 - later nominated for Best Comedy in a West Coast film festival. Jay has since built her acting resume to include short films, sitcom pilots, various commercials, PSAs, stage play productions, music videos, and additional feature-length films.


Music has always been Jay's first love, and while she has turned down multiple offers for record deals over the years, she continues to write, record, and perform. Jay has been featured on countless musical projects throughout her performing arts career and plans to release a solo EP in the coming year.


Against all odds, Jay eventually went on to graduate Cum Laude from Temple University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. During her time in college, she took a short hiatus from the entertainment industry in order to deal with legal issues, focus on school, and meet her personal financial goals.

Shortly after completing her collegiate experience, Jay dedicated more of her time and resources to activism, especially in the realm of justice reform.  Environmental conservation and appreciation are also major areas of her focus.  Jay re-branded herself artistically as "Jet Plane Jane" and has continued to create music and art, act, paint, and collaborate with other visionaries on various projects and performances.

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